Create A Sensation: How To Build A Blog Audience

Many blog administrators spend hours writing flawless content, picking the perfect images and designing the optimum call to action, only to find that just a minimal amount of traffic ever reaches their masterpiece. These blog owners are usually not following the best rule for creating engaging, well-received content: build a blog that you would want to read.

Hopefully, you are running a business that is also your passion. All that’s left to do is show your passion to the rest of the world! Below you will find helpful tips on how to be sure that your business blog is being read and appreciated for the creative genius that you are:

Know who you are writing to.

Understanding your audience is crucial to creating outstanding content that is actually read. The question is: how do you find out who is interested without a research team? The easiest way is to simply ask. Take advantage of your social media interactions and start chatting. Consider creating polls or other surveys to initiate conversation. You will be surprised how many people are interested in talking with you one-on-one.

Also, take a look at what others in your industry are doing, and what their results are. Don’t follow blindly, of course, instead, use their efforts as an example of what works and what doesn’t. Also, remember to engage with every comment you receive on your page. Keep your tone light and playful, and as always, don’t feed the trolls. Before long, you will develop a strong sense of who is reading your content and what they are looking for.  

Focus on your expertise.

As the old adage states, write what you know. Determine what it is you are the best at and tell readers what you know. Take a small topic and dig in deep. Be thorough and add value to your website. Discover what questions are being asked that you know how to answer and create a knowledge base for website visitors to take advantage of. By helping your customers, and potential customers find the information they need, you will create a brand awareness and a loyal base of readers.  

Put content where readers can find it.

Putting information where your audience can find it relates back to understanding who you are writing for. For example, which social media platform do your readers use most? Are they a visual crowd that tends to head towards Instagram? Or do they prefer to read articles on LinkedIn? Knowing which platform is best for readers helps you focus your effort and your funds.

Be original!

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