Investigating Nomad Tech Tools

Technology and the internet have enabled humans to do things that, they could have only dreamed of twenty years ago. Nowhere is this more true than in two areas: work and travel.

Occupation: Connected

These days, we can work from a hotel room halfway across the globe no differently than if we’re stationed in the corner office. We can book a flight in some countries on our smartphone while we’re on the way to the airport to catch it. Most importantly, we can reach virtually anyone—be it for work or for pleasure—in any time zone on earth with just a few keystrokes. All this ease and friction-less movement have opened up a gap for a new kind of travelling worker: a digital nomad.

Digital nomads lead location-independent working lives, where their responsibilities and paycheck are not tied to any one address. They may be a freelance consultant working for themselves or they may be employed by a company that does not require their physical presence in order to get the job done.

Either way, the rise of digital nomadism has been a noted trend in the past few years. With travel and tech becoming increasingly intertwined—and in response to the unique needs and demands of perpetual travel—lots of super-niche tech tools have arisen for this unique cohort. Here is a list of the kinds of super-specialized and niche tools that have recently been launched to serve this mobile class of wanderers.

Departure Time? Sure!

When most people travel they have specific dates they need to leave “home” and arrive in their destination. But often, nomads needs are more flexible. AirWander, which launched last month at Tech Disrupt London, helps nomads find and book itineraries with long stopovers, allowing them to explore a new place rather than rush through a 36-hour flying itinerary.

Access Anywhere

Freedom to Explore and Expand

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